Copy stuff between your phone and PC Blazing Fast

Magic Copy makes it easy for you to manage all your favorite text and links and share them across any of your devices or online

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Imagine if you could copy something from your PC and paste it on your Phone?

Magic Copy manages a realtime clipboard. When you paste a link, text or file (coming soon!), it automatically syncs it with your other devices

Available everywhere

You can find Magic Copy on all the popular platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Web and soon to be launched - Linux!

Realtime data sync

Instantly syncs your data across your selected devices

Secure Storage

Your data is encrypted and stored securely

Auto/Manual Sync

You can choose how you want your data to be synced. It can sync it automatically or wait for your command

Note taking

Comes with a simple note taking feature that works in realtime as well

Smart Scanner

Point your camera at anything with text on it and Magic Copy will read it and save it as a note

Your data is encrypted and securely synced in realtime

You are in control of your data. Delete them completely from the database. You can manage which devices can access your data.

Simply install Magic Copy on all your devices

  • Your last copied text on your device will be available to be shared

  • When you open Magic Copy on another device, the copied data will be waiting for you there


Use it for your work, studies, groceries, notes, or anything!

Magic Copy is a multi-purpose tool. Think of it like a Swiss Army Knife, but for data management across your smart devices. Here are some of the top features

Grab text from pictures

Point your camera at anything with text on it and Magic Copy will grab the text from it

Bookmark Favorites

Access your most important or frequently used clips separately

Category Organize (Coming Soon)

You can organize your clipboard with different categories and lists

Note Editor

You can edit your clips and data anytime with the integrated note editor

Desktop Sidebar

Organize your desktop windows better with a non-intrusive sidebar for easy access

Mobile Widgets (Coming soon)

Add a widget to your mobile home screen for easy copying and pasting

Full-fledged Web Portal

Not just apps, Magic Copy is also available as a Web Application. Access it from any browser even if you don't have any desktop apps installed.

Magic Copy - Magically share text & links across your devices ✨ | Product Hunt Magic Copy - Magically share text & links across your devices ✨ | Product Hunt

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Simple & Affordable Pricing

Our plans were designed to support every kind of user to make sure that everyone gets to make ise of this tool. We are always happy to receive donations too! They go towards making this a better tool.

$ 0


  • 10 clip history

  • 2 devices

  • No Smart Scanner

  • No Web Access

  • You'll see some ads

  • No Usage Analytics

  • Free Support

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$ 2 99


  • 50 clip history

  • 3 devices

  • Smart Scanner

  • Access on web

  • No ads

  • Usage analytics

  • Free Support

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$ 4 99


  • UNLIMITED clip history

  • UNLIMITED devices

  • Smart Scanner

  • Access on web

  • No ads

  • Usage analytics

  • Free Support

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The above prices may change with the introduction of new features in the future. But we'll never increase the price without your consent!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magic Copy

Is it free?

Magic Copy has a 100% Free tier with all the important features. If you want additional features to make your experience even better, we've got paid plans that are extremely affordable

Is it secure?

We encrypt your account details and data and use Microsoft Azure to store them securely. We also backup your data in case of any disruption that is naturally expected from any tech service. You are also given 100% control over your data and account and you can delete any/all of it anytime.

Can I delete my data?

You can PURGE your data completely from existence. We have no say in this and full control is handed over to you. You can delete your data and/or your account completely anytime Instantly.

What devices do you support?

We are available on all the common platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac OSX, Windows and Web. We will keep expanding to more platforms such as Linux and Chrome OS very soon!

How do I use it?

Simply install Magic Copy on all your phones and computers and create an account. After that, you can simply copy any text, links (and coming soon: files) and paste it on the Magic Copy app. It will be shared with all your devices

I have an issue with my account

Don't worry! Reach out to us by creating a support ticket or email us at support@magiccopy.app and we will get to you within 1-2 days. We are here for you.

Have more questions? Get in touch